Great request Ben thanks
  1. Whenever Mark plays any instrument
    Whether it's skiffle with the Dodge brothers or a harmonica with the philharmonic his enthusiasm and skill is unparalleled
  2. Toy Story 3 correspondence
    The emails on this film were so incredibly heart felt that they moved not only sappy mark but iron Simon to tears. Beautiful moment, I cried
  3. Eat Pray Love Kermodian rant
    Eat pray love (vomit) - "I wanted her to go home at he end and Werner Herzog tell her there is no God". Amazing.
  4. Entourage rant
    So good Daniel Craig loved it
  5. When Simon got in trouble for his phone going off and it was Mark's wife (The good Dr Her indoors)
  6. Whenever Jason appears
    Hello to Jason Isaacs
  7. Russell Crowe
    Didn't appreciate some of the reviews, got very angry, hilarity ensues
  8. 10th anniversary special
    Totes emosh
  9. How much Leo loved his interview
    So much that he stayed late and said he loved the show
  10. God so many more