Isn't every Drake moment a favourite Drake moment? It's Drake's world, we're just chillin' in it
  1. The Motto
    I'm going to say it - this is one of the greatest songs of all time. Ultimate jam and never gets old, even dutty Lil' Wayne is good her.
  2. Degrassi
    He might be wheel chair bound but Drizzy still makes this cool. Oozing $wag throughout High School.
  3. Hotline Bling
    ICONIC ICONIC ICONIC. This is exactly how my ideal man would dress (and move).
  4. Work
    Everything about this works of every level. The sexual tension is insurmountable and it's almost too much to handle.
  5. Undercover
    When Drake went undercover for Jimmy Kimmel he proved what we all hoped would be true - that he has 10/10 chat and isn't afraid to roast himself. A sense of humour is crucial and it just takes him to that higher level.
  6. Celebs read mean tweets
    Again showing us that he's a true don and can take the piss when needed
  7. SNL
    Although he may be shamelessly promoting Views, once again Drizzy dives into comedy. Haven't actually seen this yet but can't fucking wait.
  8. Never change Aubrey