Requested by Lucy

Most Iconic Kardashian Kuotes

Where can we begin, years worth of material from these inspirations
  1. Kim's selfies and Khloe's arrest
    This is iconique beyond comprehension. What other creature of this earth would do such a thing? Bow down.
  2. Kris' self appreciation
    Kris had spat out a banging pun and gave herself her due credit. We all need a little self support sometimes and here's Kris teaching us how. We love you too Kris.
  3. Kim beating Khloe's for not supporting her car
  4. Todd Kraines
    This is 100% the funniest thing they've ever done, prancing Kris pretending to be Joyce Kraine's son Todd. Never forget.
  5. Everything Kourtney says
    Not technically one quote but Kween Kourt is our straight talkin stylish sister with no item for your shit. Her monotone and dead eyes pierce ma soul, love you Hun.
  6. Makeup
    The struggle is real and life is tough for Kim k. But when you've got the equivalent price of a small semi-detached in East Finchley on your face, you save your crying for later.
  7. Jam
    Kim's brief dip into the musical world was not appreciated by all
  8. Kris forgets the birth of her granddaughter
    Because priorities
  9. Kim's earring
    Again priorities