Why Ross is the Realest

Just a palaeontologist trying to make it in a biologists world
  1. Greetings
    Ross's mopiness relates to me on a spiritual level and this has since been my greeting of choice. (Although it's quite hard to recreate)
  2. Swearing
    Thanks for gifting us with this one Ross, you adorable need.
  3. Food
    Everyone talks about how Joey doesn't share food but lest we forget this traumatic sandwich theft! Stay strong homeboy.
  4. Handyman
    Iconic, if you've never said this while moving furniture kindly remove yourself from my life.
  5. Noise
    Haven't we all had a housemate who needed to shit up? Ross is an important man with important work! This is a subtle reminder who's in charge
  6. Grammar
  7. Parenting
    He's such a good Dad. Totes down with the kids.
  8. Music
    Look Ross may not be the next Mozart but he commits 100% so he gets mad props for effort
  9. Being supportive
    Ross is so coo trying to be happy for his pals and handles this exactly like I would, by getting horrendously drunk and pretending to be fine. Also so quotable.
  10. Love
    No wonder you get the girl Ross, ya loveable idiot