1. Subway
    The last time I ate there was in 2004, in the afternoon, several hours before my friend, Lauren, and I were going to host an outlandish theme party. The nausea and vomiting began and I had to call Lauren from my deathbed and say that I couldn't host the party with her, and to please carry on without me. She canceled the party and we re-threw it a few months later, with disappointing results. Oh, and the smell of their "bread" that permeates every surface.
  2. Dunkin' Donuts
    Sorry, but yeah. They're fine, they're edible, I'll eat one if I'm hungry and it's right there in front of me, but I'm not buying doughnuts here. Only in emergency situations.
  3. WalMart
    The lighting seems worse than most stores, and it's always too hot inside, year-round. Feels cheap, but I still go there because it's cheap.
  4. Ross
    Let's just go to TJ Maxx