More than myself...Mostly serious about this. A disguised "I'm grateful for" list on Thanksgiving Day
  1. Your children
    Seriously... What would they do without me? Will they be heartbroken? Will their lives be ruined without a mom? Even more importantly, how can my presence make their lives better? I live to be the best I can for them.
  2. Your experience.
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    This quote from Bladerunner poetically captures it. The man/robot is about to be killed for being a robot and says this ...
  3. Love.
    Cliché? Maybe. But it still makes the list. There's a lot of good in the world and its all based on love. Look for it, give it, and you find it. I want to die with a mere trunk of possessions but an auditorium of lives connected to mine through love.
  4. One particular man
    My ultimate complement to me, my opposite, my rock, my growth, partner in crime, the loving father of my children. Let's grow old together, yes?
  5. Good food
    Seriously? How can this be placed in a list where my children are everything? I told you this was mostly serious, didn't I? But seriously... I don't eat if it's not GOOD FOOD.
  6. Passion
    Sigh... Another cliche... But passion = action and action = living. Gets me up in the morning excited and revving. Make a difference. Find your passion by DOING something, anything, and it will grow. If it doesn't, then DO something else.
  7. Beauty
    Why should you put up with a life sans beauty? That's not living, that's aguantando...tolerating. Beauty in nature, in people, in architecture, beauty in the clothes you put on your body, beauty in your thoughts, beauty in your deeds, beauty in your home... It's inspiring
  8. Because you can!
    You live because you can! And it doesn't last forever, so don't waste a minute of it.
  9. Skiing
    The ultimate family experience, a near spiritual one too. Let me explain: You're sliding down a gorgeous mountain, breathing in the freshest air and reminding yourself that you're a small part of all of this... AND you're completely present in the moment. Completely.
  10. A Chance to Make A Difference
    If there's a chance, take it. Don't dabble, just jump in with both feet and don't look back.