BIRTHDAY PARTIES 🎉... Not my thing! 😒
  1. 9th... CANCELLED
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    My mom told me if I broke my trundle bed (from swinging from pole to pole like a monkey) that she would cancel my party... I broke my trundle bed.
  2. 11th... Movie had me sobbing
    I was having a sleepover and movie night. My mom had gone to Blockbuster to get some movies for the night. She got Simon Birch because she said when she read the back it sounded good. It's a sob story and I started crying 3 minutes in. Positive note - It's now one of my favorite movies.
  3. 16th... Ex friend showed up
    The boy I liked, me and my best friend went to the movies. The boy I liked invited my ex best friend to join us. NOT COOL!
  4. 21st... Snow storm
    I finally decided I was going to make birthday parties a big deal again! I sent out invitations and was so excited to celebrate my GOLDEN birthday. A snow storm closed the restaurant and stranded my sister (@elizgerrior) on the highway on her way to see me!
  5. 23rd... a good birthday... FINALLY
    I got to see John Mulaney... Again!!!