Albums I would have sex with if they were manifested into a person

I'm not high.
  1. My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy by Kanye
    I would make sweet, sweet love to this album
  2. ANTI by Rihanna
    I want to have rough sex with this album
  3. Yeezus
    I want to know what it'd be like but I feel like I'd ultimately fear for my life
  4. Any Ariana Grande album
    I would have gentle, sweet, tender sex with any of her albums and cry afterwards. I would also need to be held.
  5. Purpose by Justin Bieber
    Say what you will but I want a one night stand with this album. It would send me dick pics the day after thus ruining any potential relationship.
  6. Midnight Memories by 1D
    I don't want to have sex with it but I do want to suck its dick. Not quite good enough to let it put its dick in me, but I'd totally swallow.
  7. Lemonade
    I would be this album's dirty, dirty whore. Lemonade can choke me in bed and I'd call it Daddy
  8. Please don't unfollow me