Body Shaming.

I have had a lot of experience with people body shaming me my entire life for being underweight. Body shaming, whether you're underweight, overweight, or anywhere in between, is never acceptable. I've heard it enough so that by this point it's more annoying than hurtful, but it has affected me and so here I am listing about it.
  1. It's NO ONE'S place to tell me how unhealthy I am.
    Unless you are a medical professional that knows my medical history you can shut the fuck up. You don't know shit.
  2. It's NO ONE'S place to tell me what I need to eat and how much I need to eat.
    Yes, I'm vegetarian. No, I do not need to start eating meat again. My meat consumption has never affected my weight. Commenting on my diet is not okay, and is just plain rude. Unless you are a paid medical professional, STOP.
  3. It's NO ONE'S place to ask me if I have an eating disorder.
    It's also not okay to inform me that I do, in fact, have an eating disorder. You don't me. You don't know my life. I do not have an eating disorder, and you're lucky that I don't because regardless of what your intentions are, eating disorders can be a very touchy subject. Never ask someone if they have a serious health condition - especially a mental health one.
    Especially not in front of other people. It's so, so rude.
  5. The same goes for overweight body shaming.
    It's not your job to EVER tell someone that they are unhealthy, how much of what they need to eat (whether it be more or less), or to ask if they have an eating disorder or other medical condition that affects their weight.
  6. I don't give a rat's ass that you once had an anorexic cousin who was just as thin as I am and ended up dying from her condition.
    I am not your cousin. You do not know me.
  7. I also have seen people on the internet post about how they hate when skinny people complain about being underweight because for some reason they are under the impression that body shaming can't just happen to everyone.
    It happens to underweight people all the time. The grass is always greener on the other side. And I'm sure if I was overweight, or even just a "normal" weight, I'd probably be wishing that I was skinnier. Just like how now, being underweight, I wish I was heavier.
  8. I'm also tired of people trying to make me feel better about myself by telling me that the people that body shame me are just "jealous" because they're "fat and gross"
    I hate body shaming and it's heavily affected me ever since I was a child. I'm tired of it. I'm not here to stoop down to their level.
  9. Stop with shirts and Facebook posts about how men only want curvy girls.
    If I wore a shirt or posted something that said something about men only liking skinny girls you'd be angry at me.
  10. Also, I know that there can be situations where someone you love does develop an eating disorder and if you recognize the signs you should definitely reach out to them and help them get the help they need.
    My comments about it being rude to ask someone if they have a disorder are aimed at those that don't know the person in question and are simply going off of the fact that they're underweight.
  11. I have so much more to say about this topic and my personal experience with it but I'll chill for now.
  12. If you're someone who thinks skinny people can't be body shamed or be self conscious about their body, you're wrong and also fuck you and also I'm sorry if this list was annoying to you.
  13. I am aware that it's probably easier to be underweight than overweight in this society, but that doesn't justify people body shaming me or invalidate my experience with body shaming and it took me too long to realize that.
  14. Okay bye