Conspiracy Theories That Fuck Me Up

Feel free to add on to this list if you know of any conspiracy theories that fucked you up
  1. The Mandela Effect
    Specifically Berenstein vs. Berenstain Bears. I KNOW it used to be Berenstein and honestly am kind of convinced that we switched over into a parallel universe where it has always been Berenstain and someday I'll make a list explaining how I KNOW for a FACT that it used to be Berenstein and why this whole theory gives me chills.
  2. Hollow Moon Theory
    Apollo 12 did a crash landing to see how the moon would react to it for science purposes and what not and basically the fucking moon REVERBERATED LIKE A FUCKING BELL WOULD. A SOLID PLANET-LIKE OBJECT WOULD NOT REVERBERATE LIKE A GODDAMN BELL. There's more behind this theory as well that I'd love to list one day bc honestly this is one of my favorite theories
  3. Hollow Earth Theory
    This one doesn't fuck me up because I don't believe in it even in the slightest but I love it nonetheless.
  4. Almost anything from Ancient Aliens
    The episode about Underwater Worlds is my favorite - go check it out if you love alien conspiracy theories and are ready to get your mind BLOWN.