Most Notable Retail Moments

Some of these may not seem notable to you but if you experienced them yourself you'd understand why I consider them notable!
  1. The time a customer showed me pictures of dead/dying children to try to get me to donate milk to his charity because apparently milk would save them, tried to "read me" as a person, told me God loved me more than anyone else, then gave me his phone number on a piece of paper that also had the URL to his YouTube channel
    This is an entire story all on its own, I gave you the very watered down version of it
  2. The time a stray dog ran into the store to come hang out with us cashiers and wouldn't leave until we gave him a treat
    I work at PetSmart
  3. The time an angry omnivore went on this long rant to me about how stupid vegetarians are, not knowing of course that I am a vegetarian
  4. Every time a customer buys some crickets I always ask them if they're feeding a bearded dragon and one time this guy said no, and then pulled a banana python out of his pocket
  5. The time I met two Westminster Dobermans
    Side note - I've concluded that Dobermans are literally the sweetest dog breed
  6. The time these two women came in and asked me what they could possibly buy to help their 3 week old kittens that are clearly dying. I asked them what they're feeding the 3 WEEK OLD KITTENS and they said they've been putting water in regular kitten food. I told them they NEEDED to get formula for those kittens. They walked out empty handed 🙄🙄🙄
    I also suggested taking the kittens to the fucking vet??? Ugh people are stupid. And their logic behind just soaking regular dry kitten food is that it's soft enough for the kittens to eat. Like??? Yeah but they can't digest it or get the nutrients they need from it??? Whatever.
  7. This isn't that notable but one time I pressed the panic alarm on accident and freaked out cause I thought for sure that SWAT was gonna get sent our way and I'd get fired but it turns out our panic alarm doesn't work so take that for what it is
  8. The time a customer got angry at me and a coworker because she was asking about dog food for her puppy and we asked her if it's a toy breed and she didn't know what that was so we told her that toy breeds are small dogs and she thought we were idiots because "of course it's small! It's a puppy!"
    Again, people are dumb
  9. The time this like 11 year old girl and her little sister were buying fish from us and she paid me and then at the end of the transaction she looked me dead in the eyes and said "it's been a pleasure doing business with you" and her sister looked at me and said "thanks for having us!" and then they left the store and I was left with questions
  10. The time this 5 year old girl was sobbing because her dad wouldn't let her get a hamster and she said "WHYYYYYYYY?" and he said "you haven't even picked out a name for one!" and she said "CAS-PARRRR!" and he asked her what a Cas-Par is and she said "IT'S A NAAAAAAAAME!"
    The girl was sobbing through all of this. Also the next creature I'm in charge of naming will be Cas-Par. Double also, every time a customer asks me what something is I always have to suppress the urge to yell "IT'S A NAAAAAAME!"
  11. That's it. I'm sure I'll have many more for you over time.