1. Walking through wet grass with sandals on
  2. Meatloaf
    Even when I ate meat I thought it was disgusting
  3. Audio books
    There's an entire story as to why I have deep rooted transference issues with audio books but yeah I HATE them
  4. Golf
    It's boring as fuck.
  5. The smell of Febreeze
    I loved the smell of Febreeze when I was younger so much so that I sprayed it on literally EVERYTHING and now I'm sick of the smell
  6. The smell of freshly cut grass
    Unpopular opinion but I think it's gross
  7. Coca Cola
    I drank coke so much when I was younger that I now can't stand it
  8. Talladega Nights
    I can't believe I ever thought that shit was funny
  9. The fact that earlier today I saw a picture of Voldemort from Order of the Phoenix when he was wearing that suit at King's Cross and I was genuinely physically attracted to him
    I sometimes wonder if I'll ever find love
  10. Tony Hawk's career
    What the fuck was that? A famous fucking SKATEBOARDER? When the fuck did anyone ever care about skateboard and why?
  11. Wet socks
    Fuck outta here with that shit