Open the little conspiracy door in your brain for a minute and come with me on a journey through life's mysteries. Enjoy the fucking ride!
  1. Oak Island
    Riddle me what the fuck that's about
  2. Roanoke Colony
    Where did they go? My guess is it has something to do with aliens.
  3. The Mary Celeste
    Where did they go?? My guess is still that it had something to do with aliens because if it was pirates then the Pirates would've taken the whole ship, and if it was a ship wreck then the ship would've also been lost so like what the fuck was it if it wasn't an alien abduction?
  4. Mothman
    I'm a lover of conspiracy theories and all things strange and mysterious so instead of blowing off the mothman mystery as complete bullshit, I'd like to entertain the thought that he was/is real. If that is the case, what actually is he and where did he come from/where did he go? Also how do we know it's mothMAN? Who's to say it's not mothWOMAN? Or mothNONBINARY? Okay let's move on.
  5. Roswell
  6. 9/11
    Okay honestly did Bush do 9/11? I used to say for sure no but then I did research and basically I hate that I'm open-minded and gullible because now I'm like "....well shit he mighta dunnit" and I just want the truth! And I don't mean this in a joke-y conspiracy way bc there's nothing funny or entertaining about 9/11, obviously, and I hope no one thinks that I'm trying to make light of it
  7. If you're religious (and there's nothing wrong with that) just skip this next point
  8. The Bible
    So like........where did it come from? I'm not religious and I know to those that are this will seem ridiculous, but was it originally written as fiction and if so then by who? What was the inspiration behind it and how did it gain such astronomical popularity? Or is it bits of fiction inspired by nonfictional people and events? A scare tactic to try to cement certain, inherently understood, social behaviors of the time such as heterosexuality and men's power of women?
  9. Continuing on with my Bible point
    If the higher ups in society at the time didn't want huge social shifts such as homosexuality being accepted, and women having equal power, etc. (bc that would knock the higher ups down a notch on the social hierarchy) it would make sense to write this book that would somehow convince people that if they disobeyed the writings in the Bible and tried to make changes to society's preconceived notions of what was right and wrong that they would go to a place of eternal suffering after death
  10. Continuing on with my Bible point
  11. Atlantis
    Listen, I know a lot of people think it's fake but I'm not fucking buying it. Too many underwater archaeological excavations have happened resulting in the discovery of cities that have been lost in the ocean for me to believe that Atlantis never fucking existed.