1. Estimating pasta
    I was trying to make myself a small meal but can now cure world hunger.
  2. Crossing roads by myself without almost getting hit by a car
    It doesn't matter how many times I look before walking I ALWAYS get a near-death experience every time I try to walk across a street/parking lot.
  3. Killing bugs
    One time I made a 3 year old little girl kill a cockroach for me ✌🏻️
  4. Social interaction
    I once had a full on mental breakdown in front of a guy that sat next to me in college because he offered me a piece of gum.
  5. Math
    My brain literally can not comprehend the simplest math equation. 2+2=?????¿¿¿??
  6. Estimating someone's weight
    I'm just not good at it I'm sorry
  7. Estimating someone's height
    I'm v short so everyone looks about 98 feet tall to me