I rarely get second dates
  1. Why I'm a vegan
    Apparently the exploitation, torture, and murder of innocent animals isn't something guys like to discuss while they're eating a beef burrito.
  2. My love for Sean Lowe and why Juan Pablo was such a shitty Bachelor
    The Bachelor is such an underrated show. Ugh. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one that thinks that.
  3. Why people should stop hating on Kanye
    It probably didn't help that I told this particular guy to "suck my dick" if he disagreed with me.
  4. Conspiracy theories
    Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, my dates don't seem to be down for Ancient Aliens and chill.
  5. Politics
    I just get so heated about it 😔
  6. My unconditional love for the Kardashians
    I will defend them against any shit talking date of mine.