1. Wrapping paper
    "Inherently wasteful"
  2. Cole Porter
    "Give me a rhyming dictionary and a piano and I could be the next Cole Porter"
  3. Rodgers and Hammerstein
    "You need to understand that they were very progressive for their time"
  4. A cappella groups
    "You heard of the 'Bubs? The Tufts Beelzebubs? How about the Johns Hopkins Mental Notes? USC Reverse Osmosis?"
  5. The word "literally"
  6. People who misused the word "literally"
  7. Diva cups
    "Imagine that in a landfill"
  8. Los Angeles
    "Look, I'm FROM there, so I can say this"
  9. Sex and the City
    "It's all just materialism"
  10. Slice-n-bake cookie brands
    "Don't tell me you bought Pillsbury, Sam"
  11. Astrology
  12. People who believed in Astrology
  13. Not calling myself a liberal
  14. Not calling myself a Democrat
  15. Any Clinton, ever
  16. The South
  17. Jukebox musicals
    "This was a sad year for Broadway"
  18. Pink Floyd
    "SO overrated"
  19. The movie Secretary
  20. A French movie called Le Faut a Fidel
    "Why am I the only one who's seen this"
  21. The girl in my Shakespeare on Film class who brought French New Wave into anything
  22. Professional critics
    "What do they give to the world?"
  23. Psychoanalysis
    "Ugh, Freud"
  24. Utilitarianism versus Deontology
    "Ugh, Kant"
  25. That there was nothing wrong with bringing Utilitarianism versus Deontology into everything
  26. Logical fallacies
    "Actually, that's a straw man"