To be added to as I continue to work through this all with my therapist.
  1. Michael Palin as Sir Galahad
  2. Paul McCartney
    Not weird if I had been born in 1957. But I was born in 1987.
  3. The girl who used to tap dance on Barney
    Google says her name is Pia Manolo.
  4. David Spade
    He seemed so boyish. Hey, if Mindy Kaling can admit to it, so can I.
  5. Arnold from Hey Arnold
    Leave it to me to have a crush on the most BORING Nicktoon character ever.
  6. Martin Short
    The crush kind of died when I was in a movie with him, though. Not that he wasn't wonderful to work with, but that's when I realized he was as old as my dad.
  7. One of the actresses playing Princess Aurora at Disneyland
    We were doing a charity video shoot there, and when the director told her to hug me, I melted.
  8. Aladdin
    J/K, this one's not weird, EVERYBODY had a crush on Aladdin.