Stuff you learn when you get diagnosised with Acute lymphocytic leukemia

Life's short.. Don't waste it ..
  1. No one tells you that you lose your identity. You're no longer Grace, the things you did, accomplished , things you want to do all becomes obsolete and it's all about this one diagnosis ...
  2. You realize how vain you really are .. Instead of being thankful to each brand new day, you have days where You cry because you don't look like yourself .. I am that person who always says its the inside the counts but I find myself focusing a lot on how my eyebrows are gone, or that I have thinning hair, or stare at all the new holes in my body..
  3. How fucking awful hospital food is but you still prefer it to the Ensure being fed through your feeding tube.
  4. How you should have taken the time to enjoy the present more vs always planning for that future .. You tend to always wish you were somewhere else doing something else instead of fully enjoying that moment you're in.
  5. Be fearless .. Nothing is as scary as knowing you have an expiration date. So push your limits, try new things, face your fears,
  6. People get uncomfortable when you laugh or joke about it .
  7. That seeing a therapist helps sorts out the shit in your head.
  8. Sometimes it's okay to cry and you don't have to pretend like everything is okay
  9. It's okay to laugh if you get tired of crying
  10. There are no hot doctors in the oncology department ..or any department .
  11. The time goes really really slow in the hospital
  12. You miss the simple things being stuck inside the hospital .. Sounds of birds, the feel of rain drops, sun on your skin..
  13. Clinical trials, experimental treatment, immunotherapy .. Denials, appeals, dept of insurance ... Red tape .. How much red tape there is ..
  14. Jane the Virgin, Mindy Project, The Office binge watching helps ..
  15. Don't sweat the small stuff ..
  16. helps too