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He's so good at being bad that we can't help but kinda admiring the guy. Contrary to popular belief, Iago isn't some evil mastermind that plans the deaths of Othello and Desdemona. In reality, he's just guy who gets trapped by his lies.
  1. He must have been genuine at one point in his life.
    After all, why live your whole life pretending to be someone you're not? It's not plausible that he faked his entire way through the ranks. Remember, he was known as Honest Iago. To be recognized as such, he would have to build his reputation very meticulously over a long time.
  2. His anger at Othello is understandable.
    Iago time and time again proves his skills on the battlefield yet Othello does not give him job promotion. Instead, Othello promotes Cassio, a nice but inexperienced soldier. C'mon, Othello!
  3. Iago hears rumors of Othello sleeping with Iago's wife.
    First the promotion, and now his wife is cheating on him with Othello?! Poor guy. Even though Iago senses the rumors are not true, he's looking for a reason to get back at Othello.
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And annoying things in general
  1. Not pushing in chairs
  2. Leaving the bathroom handle wet
  3. Cowlicks
    Sometimes they can be cute.
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My school requires a lot of reading now that I think about it... Here's just a list of the required readings. C:
  1. The Odyssey by Homer
  2. Oedipus Rex by Sophocles
  3. The Inferno by Dante
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Please, we've all had strange thoughts before. ;)
  1. If only staring in the mirror will make me prettier...
  2. Escape plans just in case there is ever a disaster or school shooter...
    Hiding in the ceiling, digging a tunnel, using others who have died as a shield, running the hell out while zigzagging to avoid bullets
  3. Do I have super powers?
    Maybe if I concentrate hard enough, I'll be able to move that cup with my mind.
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Chinese is a hard language because intonations are extremely important. Here's a few pronunciation tricks to help you learn.
  1. 1.
    One (一)yī
    Say the letter "E" in the most monotonous robotic voice you can think of.
  2. 2.
    Two (二)èr
    Say the letter "R" or say a short "arrrgh" like a pirate sailing the seven seas.
  3. 3.
    Not like "sand" with out the "d". More like "s-ahhh-en". Pretend you're midway saying "sand" and then you have an realization before you trail off to think of easier things.
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This is an experimental list that I'm making with my best friend. (Because we have no idea what an "open list" is.) Feel free to contribute! C:
  1. Having someone listen to your passionate rants for hours without complaining
  2. Being able to reminisce on silly, childhood games that we made up
    "Soccer ring tag"
    Suggested by   @krystal
  3. Eating at the most delicious restaurants together and always fighting to pay the bill
    It just never feels right to ask for a separate bill. We both want to pay it all.
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Schizophrenia is perhaps one of the hardest and most feared mental illness to talk about- mainly, because people do not know what it is.
  1. Schizophrenia is a group of disorders
    They are characterized by confused and disorganized thoughts.
  2. Schizophrenics have a hard time communicating their thoughts
    This is because the mental illness disrupts the working memory, which is used to form sentences.
  3. Symptoms include: hallucination, delusions, and disorganized speech
    Hallucination- feeling sensations in absence of a stimuli; Delusions- having false beliefs even when provided with contrary evidence; Disorganized Speech- jumping ideas around without logic or with flawed logic
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I happen to be a student whose working on a mini project about North Korea. Here are a few facts that I have compiled and cross-referenced from multiple sources.
  1. "Totalitarian"
    Although Kim Jong Un is undeniably the supreme leader of North Korea, he is not the whole legislative system. Instead, the Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) is in charge. Constitutionally, it's suppose to be "democratic".
  2. "Democratic"
    Apparently, there are 687 representatives "elected" into the SPA. Each of them represent around 30,000 constituents. All candidates are approved without opposition. Why?
  3. "Elected"
    The constitution provides that the SPA members be elected every 5 years by "universal suffrage", or everyone living in North Korea. The assembly, however, is an unicameral, one-party system run by the Korean Worker's Party (KWP). Therefore, KWP members selects other KWP members, and there can never be actual dissent on ideas and "policies"
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Hello! As a graduating senior, I feel compelled to give some advice to future students. As we all know, life can be rough. Not everyone has that "big bro" or "big sis" in their lives. Let me be that temporarily sibling for you. :)
  1. 1.
    Make mistakes ASAP
    Even though this seems counterintuitive since no one wants to feel like a fool, it's always better to get it over with early than later. Get people's name wrong the first day of school rather than not knowing their names for the entire year. Explore and go the wrong route than always having to rely on "hallway buddy". And know what your getting yourself into when you sign up for the school lunch.
  2. 2.
    Make a spam email
    Spam emails are emails that you don't really check and use to experiment with random subscriptions. This is extremely helpful when all sorts of tests and exams inundate your life. Do NOT check the "yes, I want to be notified of scholarship opportunities and etc." on the PSAT with your email. Spam. So much spam. Over 500-600 unread emails in a few months. Not fun.
  3. 3.
    Build good relationships with teachers
    You never know when you need their help with something. Perhaps you need them to write a recommendation. Maybe you need to sneak in a few extra batteries for an AP Stat exam on break (true story btw). Or maybe they got connections for internships. Get on their good side and reap the benefits.
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