Having a Best Friend Means...

This is an experimental list that I'm making with my best friend. (Because we have no idea what an "open list" is.) Feel free to contribute! C:
  1. Having someone listen to your passionate rants for hours without complaining
  2. Being able to reminisce on silly, childhood games that we made up
    "Soccer ring tag"
    Suggested by   @krystal
  3. Eating at the most delicious restaurants together and always fighting to pay the bill
    It just never feels right to ask for a separate bill. We both want to pay it all.
  4. Having someone reassure you that everything will be ok when you feel like your world is crumbling
    Almost to the point where you don't know yourself anymore or what your purpose in life was
  5. Bouncing crazy ideas off of each other like a wild firestorm
    It's a fever! One idea, two ideas, and they just keep stacking up on each other. Even if they aren't feasible, just the thoughts gets you motivated again.
  6. Going go sleep smiling because you know there's someone by your side
    There were so many times when I wasn't feeling up to par, but then you say something funny and then I get too amused to be wrapped up in my emotional roller coaster.
  7. Having someone to share your (often stupid) adventures with
    Embarrassing stories, unfortunately, are fun lessons learned when you look back.
  8. Dreaming about the future together
    Where will we live? Will our kids be best friends? Whose going to marry first?
  9. Sharing our pains and healing them together
    Those times when y'all hold a cry fest
  10. Borrowing and gifting each other clothes
    We know each other so well to know their dress size, show size, and color perference
  11. Feeling hurt when your friend feels hurt
    You feel your own throat tighten and your heartstrings give a hard yank outward
  12. Picking up at exactly the same place every time you're together.
    I now live thousands of miles from my best friend, but as soon as we're together, it's as if we always are. We never have to "catch up" on each other's lives.
    Suggested by   @hippiechick