I'm all in favor of comfort and convenience, but if you're rockin' a suit and do any of these things, you should stop.
  1. Wear a backpack. (Even if Italian or French designer.)
  2. Be seen at a fast-food joint. Just no. (In-n-Out is the only exception)
  3. Roll up your pants. (It's never that hot out, Rob.)
  4. Wear sneakers. (Unless actual billionaire.)
  5. Carry a bike helmet. (It didn't fit in your backpack?)
  6. Talk about when you played football in College. (Unless professional athlete on TV)
  7. Loosen your tie. (Ok if jacket is off and sleeves are rolled)
  8. Dance.
  9. Attempt sports. (Not even at the driving range for 1 ball.)
  10. Be seen hitting on a girl that's young enough to be your daughters friend's daughter at a bar on a college campus mid-week when your wife is home taking care of your sick kids because you're a horrible person. (Track suit ok)