Like. Population of 300, boarders a ghost town small.
  1. Everyone knows everyone, which can be pretty intimidating when no one knows you
  2. Couples dance in the street to the live music before the parade starts
  3. Strangers will offer you chairs if you don't bring any
  4. People keep bringing dishes. I assume to share with everyone under the big tent.
  5. Kids play unchaperoned in a park. No one is alarmed for their safety.
  6. The town is four streets big and I still couldn't find city hall.
  7. Dogs are everywhere. I'm not mad.
  8. Kids ride bikes in the streets. It feels like a feel good movie from the 60s
  9. Also. Kids drive atv's in the street. Casual
  10. Static
  11. People pitched a capony behind us. They're really nice.
  12. Update I just pet their dog.
    A chihuahua
  13. Luke has lost a shoe. I don't know who Luke is but the lady behind me mentioned it
  14. Also. The country accents are so endearing
  15. Kid that just passed me is wearing a blue and red striped shirt, Camo shorts, and socks with black Nike sliders
  16. My dad drove a Kabota tractor pulling our trailer being ridden by veterans.
  17. Static
    Look how cute he is
  18. The guy behind us was nerding out over dads tractor. I'm proud
  19. A lady in one of the old cars threw me beads. The guy behind me laughed when I said "I didn't even have to work for them!"
  20. Adorable kids throwing candy to other adorable kids
  21. Some audience members run up to the moving vehicles and kiss their family members in said vehicles
  22. Kids drive atv's and golf carts like bosses.
  23. Also, all the flags blowing in the wind make my heart swell
  24. They also threw candy at me. I gave it to the kid behind me.
  25. I'm totally coming again next year