Things ruined for me since being sexually assaulted.

  1. Elephant trunks.
  2. Basketball shorts
  3. The sound of clapping
  4. My kitchen hand soap
  5. Wearing pants that aren't loose
  6. The size of my thighs.
  7. The sound my shoes make when they slap my heel
  8. Leaving my door unlocked
  9. Deep breathing
    Like you're supposed to do when you're working out or having a panic attack
  10. The sound of stirring pasta
  11. Baby talk
    Okay that's sucked for a while
  12. Spooning
  13. Compliments from men
    Even if they're genuine
  14. Any attention from men
    Being real here.
  15. Saxophones
  16. The story of Cyrano de Bergerac
  17. Beards.