1. Lipstick
  2. Lip balm
  3. Lip gloss
    Do you think these should all be in one bullet point? Like, really they are all the same thing? Well, I don't, which is how come I keep buying more and more and more of them.
  4. Daytime Socks
    I don't really like socks but if I have to wear them, I want them to be cute.
  5. Nighttime Socks
    I don't want to wear fuzzy socks during the day and I don't want to wear regular socks at night so I better have plenty of both.
  6. Coffee mugs
    The older I get the more willing I am for the coffee mug to have an inspirational message on it. Current favorites say: "Make it Happen" (I WILL!) and Best Day Ever (IT COULD BE!).
  7. Pajamas
    How many pairs of pajamas does one person need? I'm not sure but I keep buying more. If you see a brightly colored pair of pajamas in a whimsical pattern please to let me know because what if I haven't purchased those yet?
  8. Concert t-shirts
    In a way it's inexplicable that I collect these because I do not wear t-shirts outside of the house. Ever. I am not a t-shirt person. Why, then, the dozens of concert t-shirts? Well, I like bands and I like shows and the only thing that makes a pair of whimsical flannel pajamas better is a beloved concert t-shirt worn underneath.
  9. Scarves
    Need a scarf? I have one or twenty you can borrow.
  10. Lotions...
  11. ... and Potions
    Mostly perfume and fancy body wash, but this category also includes fancy soaps and cheap body wash.
  12. Jars of peanut butter
    We have three right now. I don't want to run out.