I've been actively keeping my weekly farmers market spoils from spoiling! My base for 3 weeks has been these little tender red lettuces that I enjoy washing and spinning. I generously pink salt and grind pepper on all of these. It's insanely satisfying.
  1. Red leaf lettuce, French radish wedges, cherry tom, prosciutto and grilled garlic scapes. EVOO + white wine vin
  2. Red leaf lettuce, good tuna in olive oil, steamed purple beans (they turned green!), multicolor radish, a whole bunch of chopped parsley, yellow cherry tom, shaved hard Italian cheese. EVOO+ lemon
  3. Red lettuce, radish, cherry tom, shaved hard Italian cheese (can't remember what kind the block in my fridge is, pecorino?) pistachios, EVOO+ lemon
  4. Cherry tom, small marinated mozzarella balls, basil, toasted pistachios, EVOO + white wine vin
  5. Tbc