thnks fr th mmrs // list inspired by a lot of you beautiful people
  1. January
    first day of my first semester of my senior year of college -- selfies are necessary. Totaled my first car & got my first big girl job. Interesting start, 2015.
  2. February
    It became legal for me to consume margaritas & I saw like 8 concerts in one week -- my kinda celebrating.
  3. March
    Spring break at home because my cute little bestie bear @landsmansarah was home from her awesome internship.
  4. April
    My production class + need to be bossy came out when I got to direct a news cast. "Quiet on set, everyone come get in my selfie!" - me, definitely
  5. May
    Lone Star Jam. 20 bands in 2 days. Excessive heat. Also excessive drunk people. Texas af.
  6. June
    Texas Music Pickers internship starts & I got to go to like 3 concerts a week all summer & artists trusted me to tell their stories & it felt like dreams coming true.
  7. July
    Fourth of July + week in NOLA + girls retreat. Made lots of memories. 10/10 would relive.
  8. August
    All things "sorority" took over my life. It was partial hell on earth, but as worth it as Fifth Harmony when the month was over.
  9. September
    Ed Sheeran made my life so magical/ took a trip to the beach/ school became more than syllabus week.
  10. October
    15 seconds of fame because I was voted the most well spoken of our on campus PR firm. The reporter called the mic my magic wand & I said "bippity boppity boo," + instantly felt weird.
  11. November
    Decided that since my last semester was ending, I'd participate in a college bar crawl (there's like 4 bars in this town). I don't drink a lot, so two drinks in I thought this photo would be hilarious.
  12. December
    Received a v expensive piece of paper + was super full of love & anxiousness about the future 🎓
  13. you're up, 2016. les do dis.