2015; YOU'RE MY #1

Inspired by @chermillionaire -- thx for your cool list/good taste in music. Here are my personal faves.
  1. #1 Song: Holding On To You - Twenty One Pilots
    I would tell you guys how many times Spotify told me I listened to this, but it's really embarrassing.
  2. #1 Movie: The Intern
    I walked out of the theater & felt like I had just finished a two hour conversation with the wisest, sweetest man on earth.
  3. #1 Concert: Uncle Lucius/Ray Wylie Hubbard
    I saw so many incredible performances so this was so hard to pick. BUT everything about this night made me happy & I got treated like a total rockstar.
  4. #1 TV Show: Merp.. New Girl?
    I suck @ being a television viewer. I can't even Netflix binge. But this show is my favorite.
  5. #1 Vacay: NOLA
    Sarah the flower + Nat the sunbeam whisked me away to their Cajun roots & it was the best week of the year. I had zero responsibility & zero stress & so much fun.