Including my weird affinity with Mean Girls
  1. The more I grow up the more I realize I'm so incapable of being Gretchen Wieners & am definitely the "she doesn't even go here!" girl. Because I really do have a lot of feelings. In a love/hate relationship with them. Plus a cake made of rainbows would be sick.🌈🎂
  2. pizza + prayer are so my faves, I love that they are combined here.
  3. being the feeler that I am - I often bring out the feels in other people.
  4. I love friends!! Another reason I can't be Gretchen Wieners - you definitely can sit with me whenever :)
  5. Morning person + coffee person = this
  6. Requirement of being an efficient morning person - some good ZZZZZs
  7. Not so much that I'm impatient... I just run on a strict schedule & all of me gets thrown off when time gets thrown off. Re: @landsmansarah
  8. I think we've established that I have a lot of feelings...
  9. Sometimes I think I can be thug?