1. I've had a kinda poopy day
  2. Lots of stress about life & stuff, I didn't really want to leave my room all day
  3. Overall just in the mood where you hole up & feel really unmotivated & bad about yourself
  4. Which I guess my dad sensed
  5. ....
  6. Dad: "I'm going to bed, I love you."
  7. Me: "I love you too!"
  8. Dad: "you're awesome!"
  9. Me: "thank you."
  10. Dad: .....
  11. Me: ????
  12. Dad: .....
  13. Me: ???!!!??
  14. Dad: "I'm not leaving this room until you say, 'I know I'm awesome!'"
  15. Me: "I know I'm awesome."
  16. Dad: "you sound like you don't believe it, but that'll work for now."
  17. ...
  18. It's really not much, but it's good to have an encourager and a cheerleader when you really need one.