Still in the planning stages, but day dreaming about it makes me reeeeeeal happy
  1. A teepee
    In Exodus, Moses prays to the Lord in a "tent of meeting." Francis Chan spoke on viewing prayer as the sacred thing that it is -- intentionally meeting with God, as Moses did. Ever since, I've wanted my own little teepee war room.
  2. Surround sound speakers
    gotta blare the jams all the time
  3. A tea set
    For when I need to get fancy & impress my friends with some scones, cream & sugar
  4. Loads of pillows
    Comfort often, comfort always. (Fort often, fort always, too)
  5. My bad-butt group of friends
    Can they be there all the time? Like playing board games & stuff? My apartment = warm & inviting Island of misfit souls 5ever.
  6. Lots of knick knacks
    I luv em
  7. The 1,000 album covers book somewhere in it
    Probably on the coffee table 1- for all to enjoy & 2- bc that's chic as frick
  8. One really cool, really meaningful piece of art that I haven't found yet
  9. Lots of avocados in a bowl