tips for international day of happiness
  1. there is healing in hot water
    baths/showers, whichever is your jig.
  2. books are temporary release from this world & they leave you better than they found you.
    If You Feel Too Much by Jamie Tworkowski when you feel alone. Love Does by Bob Goff if you need to see happiness, joy & whimsy lived out in the fullest.
  3. who knew that intricate sound vibrations could save a person?
  4. don't hide from the sunshine☀️
    sometimes just a few minutes in it is enough of a vacation to get you going
  5. pick some flowers/make a crown
    you are royalty
  6. watch some kids playing in a park
    it's like a joy you've never seen
  7. do something you loved as a kid
    like watching The Lion King 8 times a day
  8. remember that people love you
    strangers even love you & ily bb