Thx @quixotic for requesting that I healthy-vent via list 😉 lots of opinions, coming right up
  1. When Donald Trump said, scratch that, YELLED words about him being a great president (& a lot of America believed him???!!) 👋🏼
    Particularly this time he was phone interviewed on GMA & was yelling over the reporter interviewing him. If his views alone weren't already whack, he would get a major deduction solely on the terms of politeness/graciousness.
  2. Seeing hate from Christians on the day gay marriage became legal.👋🏼
    I love the Lord & I love people. There is nothing that hurts more than to see people use Christ's name to tear down others. I could rant for years about how angry I got to see the response from people. We all sin & we're all loved & we're all trying.
  3. Pre-finals week week (was much busier than finals week) where I broke down at least once a day & went to sleep/woke up crying regularly.👋🏼
    Aka the most stress I've ever felt at once. It was like drowning. I'm not a pro at mental health in the first place, but this was a bad time. It's gets a hardcore face high five
  4. Literally every time @landsmansarah got on a feminist rant.👋🏼
    Face high five to the patriarchy, the suppressors, the "meninists", the rapists, etc etc etc -- you all get face high fives.
  5. When I FINALLY got over that guy who was really bad for me.👋🏼
    This was like a good high five in the face. Like a light tap on my cheeks that says "yay so proud of you, you're worth so much more!" Because I am.