Maybe someday idk?
  1. Driving 99.9999% of the time
    I hope you like driving because I hate it, but I am a go-er. Sorry, nothing stresses me quite like crazy drivers. I promise that I will return this favor by always being the best DJ & paying for gas.
  2. Sushi dates
    Like weekly.
  3. Concerts
    The key to my heart = live music.
  4. Weird arguments
    My anxiety relies heavily on how people respond to me. Yes, I know it's ridiculous & the second you apologize I will cry for being ridiculous. Please just roll with the punches/listen to me/love me anyway.
  5. Probably being jealous of my love for my best friends
    For real I didn't know I could love people that aren't like family with my entire heart but I do & I'm obsessed with my besties.
  6. Deep talks that come out of nowhere
    My head is kind of always going, so if a conversation brings a question I will ask it. Sometimes people think this is inappropriate, but those people are just not fun.
  7. Music
    Pretty much 24/7.
  8. Random prayers
    "Lord, give us favor in finding a good parking spot." ... "Lord, bless the people that ambulance is going to help." ... "Lord, let me not strangle ____." -- keeping it real
  9. Outburst of dancing/singing/Chewbacca noises
    Sometimes I get urges & have to idk?
  10. Me never paying attention in tv shows/movies
    I am like a goldfish. 3 seconds. But when I miss something I will make you pause it & rewind & it's annoying, I know.