This was so thoughtful!! I can't say thank you enough❤️
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    I went to the mailbox & found these babies
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    Two giant boxes!! (I was that child who always wanted the big gift on Christmas so this was really exciting) I'm already overwhelmed. This is so special.
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    It was from Ohio
    (I instantly thought "Ohio is for lovers🎶" & then "omg Josh Dun/Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots are from Ohio!" -- I realize I fangirl about them on here way too much & I'm sorry)
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    Box #1
  4. •
    I have to go for the card first because I also was the child who would throw the card to the side with an overwhelming urge to get to the present
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    But thankfully my mom taught me manners & now I'm a card first kinda lady
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    So sweet!
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    1) you wrote my name prettier than I can & I've practiced for years & 2) don't be mad at your son for eating the cookies bc I would have ate every last one & loved/regretted every second of it :)
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    Another thing I will eat all of & love/regret every second of 🙌🏼
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    Lots of tissue paper & tape...
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    Suspense was killing me
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    Someone very important to me is named Bambi so my love for this surpasses my love for Disney. Also, this was your grandmothers??! Thank you, thank you, thank you for entrusting me with it!
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    At this point I am so overwhelmed/happy that I'm taking a break & eating some of the candy
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    Okay now I can resume the gift-opening process
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    BOX #2
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    Again the suspense started killing me
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    I ended up tearing the box like a ravaged animal because the tape wasn't cooperating & I was SO EXCITED
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    And I pulled out this beauty
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    I love it!!
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    You're really talented!
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    And it's completely me/my style
    I'm a full on flowers and pink person
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    I studied your signature on the back trying to figure out who you are!
    Your name starts with a J...? PLEASE reveal yourself; I want to be your friend😊
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    Thank you, you're so wonderful! I love it all💕💕💕💕
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    And thanks @ChrisK for making dreams come true & such!
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