tales of one city
  1. trying to look at the world like God does
  2. moments of silence & a surreal sense of reverence
  3. incredible cathedrals
    play dat organ
  4. getting lost in Chinatown
    Which is the worst place to get lost because so many women whispering about handbags is anxiety inducing
  5. getting yelled at in little Italy
    quiet southern belle meets tough Italian; is scared
  6. almost crying @ the Met
    because blisters & because my boy Vincent
  7. so no one told u life was gonna be this waaaaaay
  8. strawberry fields forever
    singing "she loves you" with hobos + playing the tambourine
  9. honestly so much chocolate
  10. becoming bffs with street dancers in Union Square
    big difference between TX two step & NY two step
  11. breakfast?
  12. "the lights are so bright but they never blind meeeeee🎶"
  13. virtual reality
    helicopter tours of NYC/trips to Mars/stage dancing at Zedd concerts
  14. #idknottrumptho2016
  15. sweet serendipity
  16. little truths everywhere
  17. cat calls everywhere
  18. fashion bloggers everywhere
  19. more sugar
    literally so many tears make them stop
  21. feeding ur best friend pizza
    & the pizza men freaking out about "Tejas"
  22. telling secrets
    also: note my shoe mishap bc 30 miles in 2 days & blisters from hell
  23. missing the big 🍎