1. Taylor Swift
    She's basically queen of the most magical little universe & I'd throw a big house party & invite like everyone & just be the queen.
  2. Ellen DeGeneres
    What a literal sunbeam. My day would be full of dancing & pranks & silliness & sweet friends & adorable, talented children. Omg I'm getting excited just thinking about it. If you don't love Ellen you're crazy.
  3. Beyoncé
    Almost solely to do the 7/11 dance & just tell people "I'm Beyoncé."
  4. Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots
    I would text actual me & confess my love for me & ask me out & live happily ever after with him playing drums & me ... making lists?
  5. Lizzie McGuire
    The day that she totally slayed Paolo with Isabella
  6. I imagine it would feel really swell to basically be Santa Claus & get to create this super sweet exchange between the most interesting group of people that Internet
  7. Pam Beesly
    Because marrying Jim is like my life goal & apparently you can only be fictional/Pam to do that. Plus, what a cutie.
  8. Amy Poehler
    She's so femme fierce but also sweet & cuddly & I love her.
  9. Kristen Bell
    The day that she cried over the sloth. I want to experience that sort of overwhelming happiness.
  10. A guacamole critic
    I will judge your avo-chopping/mixing/enhancing skills so hard & I will enjoy it.
  11. Adele
    I would sing to myself all day, every day forever (or forever for a day)
  12. Oprah circa 2001
    Suggested by @donnie
  13. Blue Ivy Carter
    I would boss my parents around all day and have a casual day on the yacht. Then I would ask my mom, Bey, to sing me to sleep, and have my dad do a guest feature.
    Suggested by @bware427
  14. Tina Fey
    Would like it to be tonight as she/I would host snl with Amy. I would also write a list of good, witty comebacks and send it to actual me to impress everyone with my wit. Would also record myself saying blurg a few times for actual self's ringtone. ALSO, JUST BEING TINA FEY
    Suggested by @paige