Sometimes I sit in the Honor's lounge on campus all by my lonesome, creepily eavesdropping.
  1. "What political party is Hillary Clinton?"
  2. "Joe Biden is just like Donald Trump, just less of an asshole."
    Same guy aforementioned. I'm praying he doesn't go into politics.
  3. "I'm a history major, German minor, philosophy minor. Which is a well rounded set of interdisciplinary skills."
  4. *awkward couples cuddling to Lord of the Rings soundtrack*
  5. "I am an English major! How do you THINK I feel??"
  6. "...which is actually far more complicated than quantum mechanics could possibly be, in my opinion."
  7. "You can totally forget any sort of North American indigenous history, because we basically killed them all so it doesn't really matter."
  8. "That professor goes hard in the paint."
    Way to keep it fresh.
  9. "Obviously as soon as you bring up sentient refrigerators the conversation becomes much more complex."
    Suggested by @landsmansarah
  10. *tells a story about a book they are writing about a war between dark elves and wood elves*
    Creativity is key.