1. "We should go to Taco Bell & sneak that into the movies because that is the most fun thing to do ever."
  2. "I love when people are like 'where'd you get that vest?!' And I'm like 'Goodwill.'"
  3. "At least I wasn't a four year old who thought she was a flower!!"
  4. "Is not supported by my browser?! Show more, dismiss??? Show more! Dismiss!"
    Having issues with renting movies on Amazon
  5. "Okay, put that down in my quoted list because it's funny."
    ... I said the "quote" that she thought was funny.
  6. "I hope YOU marry a little gay man!!"
  7. "Oh look, it's ya own lil food!"
    *sees a sonic in Louisiana*
  8. "Thanks for caring about my precious little life."
    re: Sarah's driving
  9. "You've never experienced true freedom until you've cut the knees out of your jeans."
  10. "My favorite accessory is a cute ice water, I try to put one in every pic."