For those of you who loved my thanksgiving/Christmas lists. A cowboy man who is a mess and a half.
  1. "Nah, she's as stag as can be."
    When an old woman said "your granddaughter is beautiful, she must have a lot of boyfriends." OH THX PAWPAW
  2. "I didn't lie to you, I was seeing if your imagination was as big as mine."
  3. "We gotta go to iHop for breakfast!"
    the nearest one is an hour out of the way.
  4. *calls every neighborhood "back in the swamps" because we're in Louisiana*
  5. "Yeah every Sunday morning the sheriffs get together & hunt alligators"
    some more of his imagination
  6. "Wake up! I've already shaved, showered & shit a little bit."
    it was 7:30