Her birthday was Monday & I forgot to post this draft, but whatever she deserves a late post & she'll probably never see this anyway, but HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, BAMBI💕🎉🎈
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    We talked about music for a good chunk of my interview. Granted some of it was discussing previous experience, but most of it was fangirling about bands we loved.
    I do communications for the schools within the prison, just FYI, so this conversation was pretty irrelevant but it won me over big time.
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    Before I started this job I worked at a small boutique & she called me to schedule my first day & then said, "this is probably unprofessional but do y'all have that ____ shirt at the store that was posted online yesterday?"
    I already knew I was going to love her 😂
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    She is obsessed with Tom Petty. Like obsessed.
    She has a Tom Petty Simpson figurine on her desk from when he was on the Simpsons.
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    Some days when she's stressed out I'll randomly hear "Don't do me like that" blaring from her office & I know not to bother her, but I also jam out by myself.
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    She took me with her best friend to a music festival in Austin
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    I was so stoked that two 50+ year old women would take a 21 year old on their adventures but it was so much fun. And she creepily took pictures of me while I stared at William Clark Green perform bc I'm in love with him.
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    Before going to ^ that festival, she texted her friend who works a merch booth for one of the artists to get all of the inside scoop
    I thought it was so cute.
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    She has 🔥🔥🔥 style
    Like a gypsy cowgirl business woman.
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    She is an encourager through and through
    There are some times when she has complete right to just yell & scream because of work & she's just so gracious & sweet even in mega-frustration
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    She has the best taste
    Art, movies, music, politics. She is on her A-game.
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    Sometimes she brings her lunch to work but then takes a lunch break to "run errands" & comes back & shows me the new outfit she bought😂
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    Mainly I'm just so blessed to have met her/worked under her
    Literally I think I'm so ruined in the career sense because I've already worked for the best boss in existence.
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    Also I blush & get super stoked when my friends say "she's you in 30 years" after I tell stories about her
    I'm just like IN MY DREAMS
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    So happy birthday to the best boss.