Sometimes I just have to get away & here's where I go...
  1. Bath tubs
    Always a go to. I like to do it up jacuzzi tub, floating candle, bath bomb style but at the same time just think that hot water is always a good push in the right direction.
  2. Beds
    It doesn't necessarily have to be mine, it just has to be comfy & belong to someone whom I feel comfortable going full force sloth around.
  3. Quiet places that smell like coffee
    I didn't want to only say coffee shops, but basically coffee shops. Light music, sweet aroma & everyone not bothering everyone else.
  4. Small music venues
    The kind where you sit down & everyone shushes each other because they're so caught up in the talent of the artist. Those are the best.
  5. Hugs from my parents
    So lucky to have them, so lucky they hug like bears all the time.