For my insomniac listers // here's my faves
  1. Holocene - Bon Iver
    "& at once, I knew I was not magnificent."
  2. Medicine - Daughter
    "You've got a warm heart, you've got a beautiful brain."
  3. The Other Side - Sean McConnell
    "When you're this close miles go twice as long."
  4. The Cure for Pain - Jon Foreman
    "I've spent ten years trying to sing these doubts away."
  5. To Whom It May Concern - The Civil Wars
    "Dear whoever you may be, I'm still waiting patiently."
  6. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - @john
    "I was the one you always dreamed of / you were the one I tried to draw."
  7. Coloring - Kevin Garrett
    "Don't want the world to know what makes me weak / don't want the world to know that side of me."
  8. Move Together - James Bay
    "Before you go, turn around, let me hold you."
  9. These Arms of Mine - Otis Redding
    except maybe not when he gets real intense with the "C'MON, c'mon baby!" You have to not sleep/sing that part sorry
  10. Georgia - Vance Joy
    "& I could easily lose my mind."
  11. Warning Sign - Coldplay
    "I crawl back into your open arms."
  12. Cover Me Up - Jason Isbell
    "A heart on the run / keeps a hand on the gun / it can't trust anyone."