almost like relationships?
  1. The Build-a-Bear my ex boyfriend promised me
    I never got you, but if I did I probably would've decapitated you after that break up. No hard feelings though, right?
  2. Guppy
    A weird tiny cherub angel thing. I named him guppy because that was the name of Lindsay Lohan (Napa valley edition)'s stuffed animal on the Parent Trap. Basically, I just wanted to have that "I have a favorite stuffed animal" kinda feeling, but it just wasn't there. It's not you, it's me, Guppy.
  3. Oklahoma
    a horse that I bought at a gas station in Dallas on the way to church camp (in Oklahoma). Only bought because I forgot to pack Princess for church camp & I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to sleep without an animal under my arm? He got put on a chair the second I got back home to princess & I always felt bad about it. Oklahoma was like the rebound. I'm sorry.
  4. Princess (obviously got real creative with the name)
    my dad bought her for me for Valentine's Day in fourth grade. Finally found that once in a lifetime stuffed animal love. Took her to sleepovers all through high school, took her to college with me, and she still sleeps on my post grad bed. She has had to be sewed up a couple times (one time I lost the needle in her neck until it poked me one night, weeks later). My kind & faithful companion.