Based on my perceptions of Why Not Me? -- @mindy write more books/be my friend, okay?
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    A charming sense of narcissism mixed with some slight insecurity
    We both are great & we know we're great, but sometimes we get really caught up in trying to be great & it makes us feel not so great. 11/10 would bond.
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    A love for being pretty mixed with a little annoyance for being kinda fake to be pretty
    "Look at me, just lounging on a chair like 'I'm so fancy, my torso doesn't even bend!'" 8/10 would bond.
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    Using the term "on fleek" semi-ironically
    Would always bond forever. Even when the time comes that no one understands this slang.
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    Love/dislike for weddings
    She doesn't really like them, and despite her extremely good, well planned out argument- I am still obsessed with them. Wouldn't necessarily bond, but it would be a cute little thing she would make fun of me for- it'd be like really cute & people would say, "wow, they are sOoOoO best friends!!"💕
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    Feeling like they were meant for Greek life but realizing it kind of sucks.
    Being in a sorority seemed perfect for both of us, but it wasn't. I feel like everyone in a sorority was absolutely obsessed with it. I loved the girls I met, don't get me wrong. The structure of Greek life just wasn't for me, or Mindy. 10/10 bonding experience// us creating our own 2-person, bff sorority.
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    Being soup snakes with your best friend who you're basically married to -- in the most platonic way
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    Reading way into everything
    @allboysonearthever would hate us together because we would be THE over analyzers of every last text.
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    Being workaholics
    You busy, bestie? Same. Follow ur dreams & I'll follow mine & we'll get couples massages after we catch 'em👏🏼 9/10 on the bonding scale.
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    Just being cool ppl💁🏻