1. People who don't use walkways/stairways like highways.
    Always stay on the right. Be quick & efficient, no time for lollygagging.
  2. When someone sits in my seat in class.
    No, they aren't assigned, but we've been sitting in them for three months & you're making my equilibrium feel throwed off yo.
  3. The eating of chips in bags in quiet rooms
    Constant crinkling of the bag, the crunching of chips & no other noise. Just small, repetitive noises. Drives me NUTS.
  4. People who think it's funny when people are embarrassed
    Hello, my name is Queen of the Red Face. I hate hate hate hate people who point it out - on me or anyone. Embarrassment isn't a fun emotion, so I'm not sure why there are people who try to increase it.
  5. People who hum loudly & then sing the only two words they know in a song.
    This is hypocrisy; I will totally own that I do this all the time. I annoy myself. I'm sorry.
  6. Nit-picky professors
    I'm not talking about professors who won't accept work that wasn't done properly. I'm talking about the ones who take off a ton of points on minor things. It's just rude, and I'm juggling a lot more than the one inappropriate use of a comma in this essay.