aka people I'm drawn to
  1. Art hoes
    has the Instagram feed of a well established photographer, dances/has the voice of an angel, paints something, super philosophical people --- I dig ur vibe
  2. Music people
    like the ones who crave it & know every song on the radio & recognize the intention of the artist & are students of music & just love it -- literally talk to me every day plz
  3. Transparency
    unapologetically themselves, open in their failures, never holds back their happiness, just genuine -- ur inspiring & I'm trying really hard to be like you
  4. people who love the Lord
    and are like full on sprint-chasing after Him. Yes keep doin that & I will attempt to keep up.
  5. people who love people
    they don't care if your opinion is different, they don't care what you look like, they don't care they just love you & genuinely want to know you -- wow u r so cool. Thank you for existing.
  6. Hostesses with the mostesses
    (Hosts with the most too, sry not as cool to say) people who really want you to feel comfortable, being around them feels like clean sheets on your bed that are still warm from the dryer, they probably always remember your birthday & they encourage you to keep talking even when the rest of the group has changed the conversation/aren't paying attention -- I hope you know that you are so important!!
  7. nerds
    Be crazy passionate about something weird, that's so cool. Like please love things that you love & obsess over it & be happy -- I'm SO happy for you even if I pick on you
  8. dogs
  9. People that are really trying
    I see you & I love you, you'll get there