Aka my resolutions for 2015
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    Last year I wrote out promises I wanted to make for myself throughout 2015
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    Not necessarily complete life changes; just reminders on keeping life πŸ’―
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    Found my list - let's dissect it:::
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    Walk with God - wherever He leads
    Promise made/kept/broken a few hundred times. It's hard to have faith when you're a control freak. I'm still trying & God's not finished with me yet, so this one goes one 2016 promises, too.
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    Stop worrying/stressing over things you can't control
    2015 was a big year for me in terms of stress. While it's not easy to just stop stressing (seriously, don't tell people to "just calm down"- that doesn't work πŸ™ƒ), I did learn a lot about managing my stress & learning triggers/how to get out of funks. Thankful for grace.
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    Take care of yourself: physically, mentally, spiritually
    Still need consistency in all of these, some waaay more than others, but I can't kick myself because I do try. Here's to trying harder - add this puppy to 2016's list, too.
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    Memories don't always need to be documented on social media
    Thx TimeHop for making me recognize that early college Ems was addicted to sharing her every thought via Twitter. Social media presence has improved a whole lot/my thoughts are my own again + I get to share them with you guys now πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
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    Procrastination leads to all nighters which leads to no sleep which leads to an unhappy Emily which means stop that
    I didn't pull a single all nighter - school made me feel like I needed to a couple times, but 2 hours of sleep is much better than no sleep. Never again🀘🏻
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    Read more books & go to more concerts
    CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK. But this goes on 2016's list too because I will never not want to up this record.
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    Love people. Fully. Completely. Without exception.
    That last little sentence fragment is the hardest. Loving people without exception is something I won't ever be able to accomplish, but it's something that I always hope I'm striving to do. Thankful for grace (again) + the heart of an empath. Anotha one, 2016.
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    Forgive more. Yourself included.
    I learned a lot more about my worth & what I deserve in 2015. I also learned a lot about the worth of others - even the others that are so mean & nasty that you really want to hate them. We're all trying.
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    Don't settle. Keep aiming high.
    Especially in job hunting* -- 2016 edit