When I started working I had a decent amount of free time so I read a bunch of articles. These are my faves. Some of these are mad long..reader beware.
  1. Wading Toward Home - Michael Lewis
    http://nyti.ms/1F5VFgP When it comes to modern non fiction storytelling, Michael Lewis is BAE. This is about his return home to New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina and memories growing up in an old New Orleans upper class family
  2. High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas: The Race to Save the Cougar Ace - Joshua Davis
    http://wrd.cm/1rngfSz This article rules. About a crew of people that do "salvage work" which means they travel the world racing to save sinking cargo ships. Each one has a badass skillset (under water welding, computer ship modeling, etc.) and they all risk their lives to work. Also the pay off can be insane (they'll make an arrangement with an insurer that can be for 10-70% of the value of the ship + cargo if they're successful)
  3. The Falling Man - Tom Junod
    http://bit.ly/1dptx1y Beautiful article about 9/11, in particular about the controversy in our culture surrounding the tower jumpers. Tom Junod is another amazing contemporary longform journalist that I also ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Truth is Out There: 1985 NBA Draft Lottery to Olympics to Game-Fixing ... Which Conspiracy Theory Can You Believe? - Patrick Hruby
    http://bit.ly/1Ak7x2l I was unfamiliar with all of these conspiracies before but I'm pretty sure I bought into almost every single one after reading this and loved it. Certainly interesting to consider. I'm onto you David Stern!
  5. The Assassination: The Reporter's Story - The Editors, CJR
    http://bit.ly/1IPYVmz Timeline of events of the day of JFK's assassination told by 11 journalists. Unique format, moving story, and I learned a lot about how journalists work. A+
  6. Angels & Demons - Thomas French
    http://bit.ly/1Bh7AXk A mother and her two teenage daughters leave Ohio by car, bound for Disneyworld. They never make it and are found murdered in Tampa Bay. All about their lives and the murder investigation. It's like a Gillian Flynn novel but real
  7. It's the Economy, Dummkopf - Michael Lewis
    http://vnty.fr/1ca3KbY Part of a great series of articles for Vanity Fair (and ultimately a book) exploring the financial crisis and how different countries were involved in what happened and affected by it. I probably like this more because I work in finance BUT he does a great job of making concepts easy to understand and talks at length about how the country's culture impacted what went down. A big focus is on how shit is apart of German culture in this one
  8. Jahar's World - Janet Reitman
    http://rol.st/1Sp9TCC Controversial Rolling Stone cover. My friends that live in Boston can't even bear to talk about it with me, but the story is a thorough, well-done look at the younger bombers life and background. Clearly at this point a complete monster but he wasn't always necessarily this way
  9. Frank Sinatra Has a Cold - Gay Talese
    http://bit.ly/1vjVBL2 Apparently revolutionary journalism at the time - it's a wonderful read
  10. Mercenary - Tom Junod
    http://bit.ly/1JHOkt2 A crazy profile of a professional assassin. If I remember correctly this one is a wild ride