Disregarding some glaring aspects of the setting such as the fact that she was born a slave owner, attitudes held about African Americans, glorification of the confederacy etc.
  1. She DGAF about her dead first husband - doesn't want to wear black, wants to dance with all the fellas at the ball even though it's not socially acceptable
    Legit is not concerned with what anyone thinks even though this is high society in the south in the mid 1800s. Going against social norms is def cool, but disrespecting the dead isn't ideal
  2. She steals her sisters beau and marries him even though she has no feelings for him (he's gross and old)
    I have no sisters but I think that would be a tough one to swallow. Also, I would be able to forgive her for this if she had any feelings for him. Maybe I would relate to her if she had any feelings at all.
  3. She doesn't realize she and Rhett are MFEO and in love until the very very end after their marriage has been torn to shreds and he's given up on her because she's terrible
    She's very cunning and driven, but not terribly introspective.
  4. Does she care about any of her children?
    I think she only uses them to manipulate Rhett, but I could be wrong. One of them winds up dying - does that bother her?
  5. She doesn't stop being fixated on Ashely until much too late
    Ashley and Scarlett are not made for each other. He's proper and kind of boring. Doesn't it come out that he's only physically attracted to her? Come to think of it he's kind of an a-hole, especially given the fact that he has a sweet, completely selfless wife. Anyway he sucks and Scar should have come to her senses much earlier
  6. She marries her first husband to make a point!
    After she realizes Ashley is going to marry Melly, she's like eff it, I'll marry Ashley's young, unattractive cousin to make him jealous and be close to him. Something similar may happen in Like Water for Chocolate and it definitely doesn't work out there either.