1. Playing Neopets
    Spent a good amount of hours playing with my neos. Learned some life skills like how to complete faerie quests, collect all the neggs, maintain a shoppe, scam the stock market, etc. The problem is that I still have my friends, they remember that I did this, and bring it up in front of new folks. @lauracamrein
  2. Taking Latin instead of Spanish
    Thought Latin would help with my SATs. It helped with nothing. But I recently went to a Spanish speaking country and couldn't communicate with anyone.
  3. Going to see Must Love Dogs at the theater instead of Coldplay
    (the tour before Viva la Vida so not the biggest loss)
  4. Throwing a huge party at my parents house while they were away
    Sorry mom and dad. Love you
  5. Marching band
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    This class was an easy A, but I regret that pictures like this exist
  6. Not saying hi to everyone
    My high school was 1400 people. Small enough that you should have known at least the majority of your grade. Yet I didn't say hi to everyone I knew as I passed them or ran into them around town (I think this is true of a lot of people in high school but I still regret it). I can't imagine running into someone that I know now and not acknowledging them
  7. Sharing water bottles (and joints) when I had mono
    One of my friends couldn't compete at states in track and field because she came down with mono after she qualified. Retrospectively I think this may have been partially my fault.... Sorry @marygracerohrs
  8. Leaving my cellphone in @erinmac 's car and being phoneless for months
    It got lost under the seat and Erin hadn't had her license for six months so I shouldn't have been in the car in the first place. Danger danger
  9. Letting some jerk string me along
    Although this was definitely a learning/growing experience. 💔
  10. Stealing alcohol from my parents and mixing different kinds together (unknowingly)
    I could gag thinking about this